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We offer Audit and Risk Management Services to High-Risk industries, including Cryptocurrency. With our experience in Audit, Regulatory Risk and Anti-Money Laundering, we can assist your institution will all your needs.


Certified Cryptocurrency Experts

Trace Compliance is proud to introduce services for the Cryptocurrency Industry.


From Exchanges to Financial Institutions, let our Certified Crypto Currency Experts advise you on Know Your Customer, Enhanced Due Diligence, Risk Assessments, AML Programs, and Complex Crypto Investigations. 


Our team of industry experts has decades of experience with Audits, Regulatory Examinations, International Payments, and High-Risk Industries. In addition, we have Certified Cryptocurrency Investigators who can help you with the complexity of AML related issues with Cryptocurrency.



  • High-Risk Payment Processing
  • Adult Website Industry
  • High-Risk Merchant Services
  • Money Service Businesses
  • Cryptocurrency Financial Services Industry


After spending our careers as Banking Risk Executives we identified a niche market that is under serviced.  We understand how difficult it is for high-risk businesses to maintain banking relationships. We believe all legitimate businesses should be treated equally.  We strive to bridge the gap between your business, regulation and financial institutions in this ever-evolving financial industry. 

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